The rules of SKUFS are the same for all servers, and are all listed below. You will also find the rules in any SKUFS server when joining (they are displayed automatically), or by simply entering /rules into the chat.

§1 English only on voice chat

Anyone speaking languages other than English will be muted.

§2 No script idling

Using any kind of script to avoid getting autokicked is strictly forbidden.

§3 No hacks of any kind

Anyone seen using hacks of any kind will instantly become permanently banned without warning.

§4 No scamming

Anyone seen or proven to be scamming will be permanently banned instantly. Manipulation to achieve better prices by lying or other means is considered scamming.

§5 Don't spam the chat

Spamming the chat for any kind of purpose is not allowed. You should never have more than 4 lines of visible text in the chat at once.

§6 Only micspam sounds that players want to hear

Micspamming music and generic sounds is only allowed if the majority of players wants to hear the sound being played. If told to stop by a moderator or admin after a vote, you will have to stop micspamming right away or end up muted.

§7 No admin or moderator impersonation

Impersonating any particular staff member or pretending to be a staff member by other means is strictly forbidden.

§8 No advertising

Advertising other servers/communities is not allowed.

§9 No disturbing sprays

Sprays that contain pornography, disturbing content, or are offensive to other players are not allowed. Pornography sprays are those that contain visible genitalia or pictures that are highly suggestive of porn acts. Disturbing sprays are those that contain gore, death, minors in erotic settings, or generic disturbing fetishes.

§10 No begging for free items

Begging for free items from other players is not allowed.

§11 No offensive behavior

Toxic behavior such as harassment, insults, racism or offensive jokes is not allowed.

§12 Do not interrupt admin-hosted events

Attempting to prevent an admin hosted event from happening is not allowed, and can get you kicked and/or temporary banned for a few minutes.

§13 No griefing

Using exploits or any other methods of ruining the game experience for others is not allowed. Repeated griefing of i.e a map exploit after warnings can lead to a ban.

§14 Keep a nice tone on mic

You may not scream or use a very high pitch voice. If the majority of players finds you annoying, you will end up muted.

§15 No porn decals

Items such as the sign that allow custom decals must not contain pornography (genitals) if equipped on SKUFS. Equipping such items can result in kick and ban if repeated.

§16 Only 1 micspammer at a time

When playing music or other longer sounds, there may only be 1 micspammer at a time. The first person to start his micspam is the one who get's to continue should there be multiple micspammers.

§17 Micspam sounds must have decent quality

Anything played through speakers into a microphone is NOT allowed. You must use software such as VAC to micspam, or you will get muted. The sounds being played can not be extremely loud or by other means painful to listen to. Playing such sounds will get you muted.

§18 Do not avoid punishments

Using alt accounts to get around given punishments is not allowed and will be punished with ban.

§19 Pedophilia has zero tolerance

Attempting to take advantage of minors on the server and/or spreading child pornography (including cartoons) is strictly forbidden and leads to ban.

§20 No disturbing sounds on mic

Screaming, sex or otherwise disturbing sounds are not allowed on voice chat.

§21 English is the primary language in chat

Other languages are allowed, but can be temporarily disallowed by an admin.

§22 Do not trade gift codes

Advertising gift codes for trade is not allowed due to high chances of scamming.

§23 No spoilers

Spoiling new/upcoming games, movies or TV-shows is not allowed.