By donating 3 pure keys, you will receive the VIP rank on SKUFS. This gives you access to certain special features, that nobody else can access. The rank is permanent and thus will last for as long as the servers remain open. Some features may be disabled on certain servers (i.e jetpack on surf), you may use /helpmenu in-game to see which are available on a particular server.

Donating will grant you the following abilities and features:

* Only works on certain servers and may require friendly mode meaning they cannot be used to kill others.

The donation currently has to be done with a trade offer directly to the server owner (Mr.Skullbeef). When the trade offer is accepted, you should receive the VIP rank immediately. If not, you should contact us by either the Steam group forums or by adding Mr.Skullbeef. In order to send a trade offer, simply press the button below.

Note: this is a donation and not a purchase. SKUFS won't be around forever, and when it closes you won't be refunded of any keys that you may have donated.